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See how our multisensory learning system supported by Stanford University's research empowers learners all around the world.

Specialized Learning

Eyewords™ focuses on high-frequency words, which make up almost half of the material we read.

Multisensory Approach

Eyewords™ combine a visual-contextual picture, auditory phrase and kinesthetic action with phonics to accelerate sight word acquisition.


Eyewords™ materials and methodology were the focus of iterative, quantitative research conducted by a team of researchers from Stanford University.

Builds Confidence

Eyewords™ are designed to build confidence and allow learners to trust in their own natural abilities. Our program enables students to feel good about themselves as learners, empower themselves with confidence, and take risks for the future.

The evidence shows that confident students achieve more, are generally happier, and experience more success.

Makes Learning Fun

Behavioural research and neuroscience confirm that children learn naturally through active play. When children engage in movement, their attention and learning retention are high.

Our multisensory materials help learners quickly and effortlessly sight read the high frequency words in a fun and engaging way.

Learning with Eyewords™ activates all modalities through experiences of seeing, hearing, and moving reinforced through play-based activities.

Eyewords™ integrate seamlessly with any reading curriculum or phonics program.

Fits Your Needs

Eyewords™ resources are essential for some but good for all.

Our resources and materials will benefit all learners, from high-level achievers to those who need additional support, to those requiring special educational programming. We develop materials that can both raise the bar and close the achievement gap for students.

The emergence of COVID-19 has impacted all learners and Eyewords™ can help those who may have missed critical educational milestones in their learning journey.

Eyewords™ integrate seamlessly with any reading curriculum or phonics program.

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The Power of Multisensory Reading Instruction

Neuroscience confirms that brain neurons that fire together, wire together. When we teach reading using multiple senses simultaneously, neurons in the brain fire at the same time and wire together to create neural networks. These neural networks allow the brain to store and retrieve information much more efficiently.

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Essential for some, good for all.