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Teacher-built for you to teach at home.

The Eyewords™ program is so easy to follow, anyone can do it! It was designed by caring educators who understand the struggle that parents and caregivers can have when trying to engage their learners on the journey to reading fluency. Eyewords™ is made for fun and creates positive learning experiences at home. With Eyewords™, helping your child learn to read is easy, joyful and so effective.

"As a parent of a son with dyslexia, your Eyewords including the pictures give the multi-dimensional thinker a way to learn and retain. Thank you!" - Beverly Landers, Parent

" I recommend Eyewords materials to everyone I know. I cannot believe the immediate difference in word recognition for my son. He went from not knowing any sight words, to reading them without pictures in a few teaching sessions. The kinesthetic activities kept him moving and focused. These resources have been a blessing for my visual learner!" – Camila Lopez, Parent

Picture of hands and Eyeword cards

Scientifically Proven to Help Overcome Obstacles

Eyewords™ is a program that works!

Thanks to published research conducted by Stanford University, we can proudly say that Eyewords™ multisensory approach has proven results.

This valuable and relevant tool will assist in removing reading barriers and accelerate developing literacy skills for your child at home.

Tools to Learn Alongside Your Children

Learning begins at home, and Eyewords™ can help make social connections for kids while working with the people who know them best.

Eyewords™ can be used in fun, engaging and interactive ways with little prep, reaching all learning styles.

You can foster a love of learning with your child by experiencing success together.

Photo of father with daughter using Eyeword cards
Photo of mother and daughter using Eyeword cards

Hope and Empowerment

As parents, we want to help our children to fulfill their dreams.

We know that building foundational literacy skills is the most critical thing that we can do to help them succeed in school and through life.

Eyewords™ is the stepping stone your child needs to gain the confidence and knowledge to develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

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