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Eyewords Orthographic Sight Word Cards, Set 1, Words 1-50 (Digital Download)

$24.95 CAD
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Eyewords Orthographic Sight Word Cards, Set 1, Words 1-50 (Digital Download)

$24.95 CAD
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Eyewords Orthographic Sight Words, Set 1, Words 1-50 have been created to accompany Eyewords Multisensory Sight Words. This resource is designed to enable learners to connect something new with something they already know. By listening and speaking students have learned word pronunciation and through the multisensory-contextual component of Eyewords, they have learned meaning and context for abstract words. These elements are stored in a learner’s long term memory.

Orthographic mapping then enables learners to map (connect) the sounds of words they already have acquired language and meaning for. The sounds in a word (phonemes) are segmented and connected to the letter sequence of the word (graphemes). Learners then permanently store the connected sounds and letters of words (along with their known meaning) as instantly recognizable sight words.

This resource is particularly helpful for learning words that are tricky to decode. Using the flash and heart word method, students learn to segment phonemes, map graphemes and blend sounds.


  • Research-based best practices and step by step instructions
  • High frequency word lists sorted by heart/flash word category
  • Eyewords Orthographic Mapping Printable Teaching Cards for the top 50 high-frequency sight words
  • Includes Word Mapping for each word
  • Includes Elkonin Boxes Template for each word to further extend and enhance student learning

 Multiple Licenses

Eyewords® digital resources are licensed for single purchaser use under our Terms of Service. If materials are purchased by a school / school district, they must be provided to a single educator. That individual may use the purchased Eyewords® resources with their own students. Sharing the resources between multiple educators is not permitted. School districts may purchase multiple licenses at a discounted rate. For rates or more information about licensing please email info@eyewords.com.

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